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Quotient Sciences

Healthcare Specialists: Investment in a high growth market leader with unique service

Identified a unique business operating a differentiated, innovative and premium offering in a large and otherwise commoditized marketplace

Addressing an industry demand for faster, more efficient drug development and desire for full-service capabilities

A UK only business with global potential – delivering drug development services with highly specialized competencies

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  • December 2015
  • UK only
  • Unique CDMO + CRO service offering
  • 270 employees

Better, faster, more accessibile:
Translational Pharmaceutics

More Efficient

Saves 3-6 months from clinical development

  • Manufacture
  • Formulate
  • Dose
  • Pharmacology
  • CDMO
  • CRO

Lower Cost

Estimated €50m saved per molecule

GHO Value Creation: Enablement & Alignment

Implement strategy of following molecules through their development lifecycle

  • Operating footprint
  • Access new clients
  • Deepen relationships
  • Access new talent pool
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Translational Pharmacuetics® Translational New and repeat clients / new molecules

Unique platform to win new clients and molecules

Wins molecules and follow them through clinical trial supply and commercial manufacturing

Formulation Development New and repeat clients / new molecules
Clinical Trial Manufacturing High barriers to exit and revenue longevity
Scale-up and Commercial Manufacturing Embedded customers revenue longevity (multi-year)

Quotient is best placed to continue to manufacture drug products

Win molecules and follow them through clinical trial supply and commercial manufacturing

Building Strategic Footprints

CDMO services

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CDMO based in the UK

Expertise in taste making especially for OTC and in paediatric development services

Performs all types of dosage form

Identified pre Quotient completion

CRO services

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Clinical pharmacology capabilities based in Florida

Required to execute TP in the US as well as to provide full service capabilities

Acquired from founders; originated and executed by GHO

CDMO services

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CDMO based in Pennsylvania

Focus on high potency products

Provides manufacturing for the US TP and commercial manufacturing - following the molecule

Complex carve-out sourced and executed by GHO

CDMO services

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CDMO based in the UK

Expansion into preclinical formulation development through to clinical trial supplies

Added 48,000 sq. ft. facility to production network freeing up Nottingham capcity for TP

Carve-out led by GHO

Delivering strategic footprint

Capability Service
Scale International Capability Capacity Service
Scale International Capability Capacity Service
Capability Capacity Service

Capability & Capacity

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  • Flexible working patterns
  • Taken on new lease in FY20 for new 28,000 sq.ft building to relocate all clinical operations
  • Shifting CTM activity to Reading provides additional TP capacity
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  • Quadrupled the site's GMP capacity in FY19 by adding 10 new GMP suites, giving a total of 13 suites for oral solid and inhaled dose manufacturing (--EI .5m investment)
  • Expansion of analytical labs and office areas planned in FY21 to support an increased number of GMP suites
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Chelsea Parkway

  • Transitioning to late stage / commercial facility only
  • Flexible operating environment; equipment can be moved from suite to suite
  • Part ofthe current facility only runs one shift per day, five days per week. Potential to increase capacity by implementing two or three shifts as volume and demand increases
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Garnet Valley

  • Recently built (January 2019) state-of-the-art facility dedicated to early stage C TM and TP in the IJS, located two miles from the Chelsea Parkway facility (—EI 2m investment)
  • Formulation and analytical labs to be added in FY20 (18,000 sq.ft) included in plan
  • 6 further GMP suites possible in remaining 4,500 sq.ft available space
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  • Facility improvements planned in F Y 20 to upgrade the pharmacy and move the screening facility closerto the clinic included in budget
  • Fewer beds per study required in TP vs. Clin Pharm studies (i.e. capacity to support growth)
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  • GHO upgraded facility to increase quality of workspace
  • Office based facility (plus home workers)

5 sites

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State-of-the-art facilities

>850 employees

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Deep scientific knowledge

Formulation and drug delivery

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All types of dosage form

Clinical trial manufacturing

Placeholder image

High potency capabilities

2 clinical pharmacology centres

Placeholder image

280 beds globally

Commerical manufacturing

Placeholder image

Niche and hard to make products

Translational Pharmaceuticals

Placeholder image

Proven to save money

Transatlantic Platform: Globally differentiated pharmaceutical drug development service provider

4 add ons

+200 molecules

+580 employees

3x order book

+150 clients

2x Continental Footprint

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