Investment Date
December 2019
Outsourced Services
Corporate HQ
Ghent, Belgium

Ardena is a leading CDMO providing early stage drug development and manufacturing for small-to-mid-sized biopharma. Ardena’s multi-service platform offers a ‘Make, Analyse, File’ model, whereby services span from drug substance, product manufacturing and bioanalytical services through to regulatory dossier development.

Ardena’s reputation for high science, quality and flexibility has drawn a client base of over 300 customers across Europe, the US, Japan and Korea. Ardena is headquartered in Belgium, operating five other sites across the Netherlands, Sweden and Latvia.

GHO value creation

Enablement & Alignment

  • Shared vision to create a global end-to-end CDMO, with niche capabilities 
  • Core focus on small molecule development catering to small to mid-size biopharma

Capability & Capacity

  • Further cross sell and upsell opportunities to be realized through Ardena’s fully integrated platform
  • Significant opportunity to optimize the business development effort for a more integrated approach
  • A number of inorganic growth avenues identified in specific adjacencies, including adding upstream capabilities to extend into discovery to take a molecule from target to clinic

Building Strategic Footprints

  • Targets identified in the US in order to expand geographic reach
  • Expanding sales force presence outside Europe (US office & sales representatives in Asia)

Better, faster + more accessible healthcare

Ardena acquires Idifarma from Suanfarma and Sodena, adding spray drying technology and high potency capabilities

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